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Precision Nutrition And Microbiomics

New promising research project

Prostate cancer may arise and grow due to inflammation. Fund research to define the ideal anti-inflammatory diet and precise methods of exercise for disease prevention and at every stage of diagnosis.

  • $12,250 pledged of $50K (24%)
  • 120 backers
  • 22 days to go


  • Karen Sfanos, PhD
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Nicole Simone, MD
    Thomas Jefferson University
  • Massimo Loda, MD
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Metabolic Reprogramming by Precision Nutrition as a New Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer progression and treatment-resistance can be driven by altered tumor cell metabolism.

Prostate Cancer Foundation researchers will conduct a clinical trial to test if a precision nutrition approach based on precision medicine profiling will alter tumor metabolism, and reduce systemic inflammation to improve immune function and microbiome profiles.

They will also investigate the biologic factors that contribute to these effects.

  • $12,250 pledged of $50K (24%)
  • 120 backers
  • 22 days to go