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Earlier Detection & Screening

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It may be possible to diagnose prostate cancer significantly earlier using VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in urine. Fund research that uses cancer sniffing dogs to build a robotic nose to detect prostate cancer.

  • $45,555 pledged of $50K (91%)
  • 414 backers
  • 56 days to go


  • Andreas Mershin, PhD
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Karen Sfanos, PhD
    Johns Hopskins University

Characterizing the Volatile Organic Compounds Present in Prostate Cancer Patients to Identify Odorant Signatures Indicative of Cancer vs. Benign Negative Controls

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is partnering to use cancer sniffing dogs (similar to how airport security might use bomb-sniffing dogs) to identify the VOCs in urine that can diagnose high-risk prostate cancer earlier than a PSA test.

Researchers will then develop a robotic "nose" to mimic the dogs' ability to detect prostate cancer.

If successful, this research will result in a new test that can diagnose prostate cancer earlier, enabling treatment to be given earlier, while cancer can still be cured with local therapy.

  • $45,555 pledged of $50K (91%)
  • 414 backers
  • 56 days to go